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Marathon Motor Engineering PLC (MME) was founded in 2008 and officially inaugurate in February 2009 as importer and distributor of Hyundai passenger, commercial vehicles and genuine parts in Ethiopia.

2009 was year of inception to MME  and it starts by importing parts for existing Hyundai cars, provide services and support current owners of Hyundai to earn their confidence and to use their reference. On the same time there was a challenge of shortage of hard currency. It was the commencement of the global financial crisis that led to the economic recession and ultimately created the social crisis that changes the lives of millions in number of countries. Major institutions that have been successfully in business for years, even decades, had started losing revenue, downsizing and many of them even closed down. Transactions slowed down, businesses shrank, economies crumbled, and families struggled to survive.

2010 was year of earning. Despites its brief existence, MME started crating a positive image for Hyundai and building a name as a strong competitor in the automotive market of the country. Parallel to this there were challenges of lack of local market trust. The Ethiopian car market has been dictated for decades solely by car brokers and also dominated by only one brand. Even if the competition is tougher MME starts winning tenders to supply fleets for big government and non-government projects.

MME’s commitment, competency and noteworthy success won the confidence of Hyundai. After three years of venture with only letter of intent, Hyundai granted MME a distributorship of agreement. Through diligent and outstanding performance in customer care in sells, parts and service MME’s turnover has increased considerably. Our target ‘’Bigger, Better and Stronger’’: Bigger investment, Better facilities and services, Stronger performance. It reinforced mobile workshops, intensive care as well as roadside assistance; it laid the foundation of 3S facilities Sells, Spare-parts and Services.

MME would like to reassure that the future is more brighter with Hyundai’s New Thinking New Possibilities. Hyundai strongly believes that its distributors across the globe to be lifetime partners. Similarly, MME would like to establish a lifetime partnership with its customers.

MME is also exclusive agents of SAME Tractor from Italy Since, 2016 and we import different type of tractors Explorer3 115, Especial Explorer 95 and Laser tractor 130.

On 25th May, 2017 MME signed SKD assembly technical assistance agreement with Hyundai motor company. The assembly plant will produce 5000  in one shift, and 10,000 at full capacity assorted models of cars per year.

Our 3 fully equipped facilities are

  • Saries, Nifas silk lafto sub city
  • Megenagna Infront of diaspora round about , Yeka sub city
  • Haile road Haile building
  • Hawassa, SNNPRS


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