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Melkamu Assefa

CEO & MD of Marathon Motor Engineering

In my professional life, I had come to learn that working hard and loving what we do alone could not guarantee us victory. We equally

need to have constant fear that will keep us alert on every single operational move we make. Moreover, being proactive facing challenges and converting them into potential opportunities, lead us to success.

Haile, whose courage and all –time winning spirit gives me the determination and full time commitment. Our journey together to contribute to our nation has only begun with the vision of ''Aiming to be the Best Customer Centric Auto Retail and Assembler Company''. Hyundai’s slogan ‘’New Thinking, New Possibilities’’ always pushes us towards availing innovative benefit to our esteemed customers and helps us earn their trust.

My career life has started with automotive ever since I left the university and I am walking on that path for over 20 years. And I am still learning from people I encounter with in every single operational move. I am grateful to be able to share my wisdom accumulated through the years with my colleagues and hope to teach it to young aspiring leaders in the future. I have always believed that failure or success is the result of leadership.

Saris Head Office : +251 114 707 322  ; Megenagna Branch : +251 116 612 114 ; Haile Street Branch : +251 116 631 007;   Hawassa Branch office : +251 462 127 272

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